Community Crime Map

Our records management system was updated in 2020, as a result we have two separate systems for accessing crime information.

  • For information on crime and police reports prior to 9/21/2020, you can click the top link and find data in the community crime map hosted by Lexis Nexis. 
  • For current data from 9/22/2020 forward, you can click the bottom link and find data in our new crime mapping software.  The new system only holds the previous 6 months worth of data. The database shows information obtained where a police report was taken; there will not be a map icon for incidents where officers responded to a location and a report was not taken.

Both sites work similar to Google Maps and allows users to set parameters for the address/area, dates and types of crime to be displayed on the map. The Police Department uploads data to the site daily to keep reports current and less than 24 hours old.

ARCHIVE Community Crime Map   Archive data for data prior to 9/21/2020

NEW Community Crime Map   Current data from 9/22/2020 to present (this system only holds 6 months of historical data)

For more information about the crime mapping software you can contact: Sergeant Chris Depue via email