Business and Contractor Licensing

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A business license is required to operate a business in Lee’s Summit. Zoning approval from Development Services is required for a new or relocated business, if the business is located within city limits. If the business includes retail sales, the business must also have a State of Missouri Sales Tax Number.

A contractor’s license is essentially a business license in order to perform construction activities. All contractors are required to hold an active, approved contractor’s business license prior to obtaining permits or performing any construction work in Lee’s Summit.

Applicants must provide the following to Development Services in order to begin processing a business license.

Additional Documentation for Contractors:

  • Certificate of Liability Insurance - a minimum of $300,000.00 of general liability. Certificates of Insurance must name the “City of Lee's Summit, Missouri” as a certificate holder.
  • Certificate of Worker's Compensation Insurance (required for any type of contractor), as required by State Law or an Affidavit of Exemption of Worker's Compensation. Certificates of Insurance must name the “City of Lee's Summit, Missouri” as a certificate holder.
  • Proof of Master Certification through an approved testing agency or an approved degree program. This is required for new businesses or existing businesses changing their designated master.
  • Proof of Continuing Education (CEUs) - 8 hours of relevant class time per year (for renewals only).

Testing agencies:

Term of License:

  • Business licenses expire one year from the date of issuance.

License Fees:

  • Business license fee $50

Additional Fees when applicable:

  • Contractor Business License $25 per Master’s Certification
  • CEU fee of $100.00 (if CEU documentation is not provided)
  • Delinquent business license penalty is 5% per month, not to exceed 25%

Zoning Approval:

Before a new business can obtain a business license, Development Services must confirm the location is properly zoned for the proposed business. There are two types of zoning approvals:

Commercial Zoning Approval - Used for all businesses except home occupations.

Home Occupation Zoning Approval - A home occupation is a business operated out of a home by the person who lives in the home. Legal operation of a home occupation from or within a residence requires strict adherence to the conditions listed on the Home Occupation Zoning Approval.

Medical Marijuana Facility Zoning Approval - Used for all medical marijuana facility types.

Unified Development Ordinance - Article 8 - Section 8.100 provides further reference.