Finance, Budget & Taxes

Finance serves as the central administrative fiscal office of the City and is responsible for the internal control and accounting structures that safeguard municipal assets. The department produces the annual audit (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) and many other financial reports and analyses for the benefit of the citizens, elected officials and internal managers.

Accounting records the details of revenues and disbursements through the general ledger system which allows for the production of accurate and timely financial reports. Accounts Payable reviews and processes all invoices for payment and Payroll serves the City’s employees.

Treasury processes cash receipts for water utility bills and other miscellaneous billings as well as property taxes on behalf of Jackson County. Banking services, cash management and the investment portfolio are also administered by Treasury.

The department coordinates the City’s debt management program by fulfilling compliance requirements, monitoring active debt issues, honoring debt service payment and issuing new debt as needed.

Billing services for the Fire Department’s Emergency Management Services (ambulance) are coordinated within the department along with other miscellaneous accounts receivable billings.

The department supports and assists the City’s economic development efforts and associated tax incentive programs.

Procurement and Contract Services fall within Finance. extra