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LS Connect is a fast and easy way to report common non-emergency concerns. It's available as a free mobile app or online (see below). The LS Connect app also provides City news and information at your fingertips. Both the LS Connect app and LS Connect online are powered by SeeClickFix.

Be sure to check out the LS Connect Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at the bottom of this page and watch the 'how to' video. 

For life-threatening emergencies, call 911.

For after-hours (after 5 p.m. or on weekends) water or sewer emergencies, please call 816.969.7407.

Visit for snow updates. Snow concerns should not be reported through LS Connect.

To report a concern not available in LS Connect, Contact the City.

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LSConnect Phone App

The LS Connect app is free to download on any iOS or Android Device.

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LS Connect Online 

LS Connect "How To" Video

This quick one minute video provides instructions on how to download LS Connect to a mobile device and how to report concerns using the app.

LS Connect FAQs

LS Connect keeps you connected to important City of Lee’s Summit news and information, and also allows you to easily report some common non-emergency concerns such as potholes, codes violations, streetlight outages, and more. LS Connect is powered by SeeClickFix. LS Connect is available as a free mobile app, and the reporting feature is also available as LS Connect online.

LS Connect is available as a free download in both the Apple Store and Google Play. See links above.

It is quick and easy to report a concern in the LS Connect app!

1. Click on the orange "+" symbol from the menu at the bottom of the app. 

2. Add a photo, take a photo, or select no photo. If you can safely take a photo, we highly recommend including one to help us quickly identify the problem.

3. Select a location. Type in the exact address, use the locator arrow to pinpoint your current location, or drag the red "X" on the map and zoom in to the location of your concern. 

4. Select what type of concern you have from the category menu.

5. Add a description of the issue. Please pay special attention to any notes.

6. Answer any additional questions.

7. Click submit. 

That's it! You will receive updates on your concern as they become available. You can keep track of the concerns you have submitted by clicking on "Profile" from the menu at the bottom of the app.

LS Connect online is an easy way to report issues from the City’s website and is also powered by SeeClickFix. See above. You do not need the LS Connect app in order to use LS Connect online.

After you download the LS Connect app, you can register for a SeeClickFix account within the app. You also will be prompted to register if you use LS Connect online on the City’s website. But remember - you can submit a report as a guest through LS Connect online without having an account; however, the City will not be able to contact you with any updates regarding your concern(s).

You can download and use the LS Connect app without signing up for an account with SeeClickFix. The LS Connect app is a great way to keep updated on important City news and information, and conveniently links to the City’s events & meetings calendar, bill payment options, LSTV and more. However, you will not be able to submit a report through the app until you register for an account with SeeClickFix. View SeeClickFix Terms of Use on their website.

Yes, you can use LS Connect online without signing up for an account by choosing to submit a report as a guest; however, if you do not have a SeeClickFix account, the City will not be able to contact you with any updates regarding your concern(s).

When reporting a concern in the LS Connect app, there is a question that asks if you would like to “Hide your identify from public view.” If you want your report to be submitted anonymously, select yes. This means the City will not receive information about who reported the issue, but will still be able to provide you with updates. Remember, you will need a SeeClickFix account in order to submit a report through the app. Please note that if you add any subsequent comments, they will NOT be anonymous.

When reporting a concern using LS Connect online, you have two options to report anonymously. The first is to hide your identity. If you select this option, the City will not receive information about who reported the issue but will still be able to provide you with updates. You will need a SeeClickFix account to choose this option. The second option is to submit a report as a guest. If you select this option, you will not need a SeeClickFix account to submit the report. However, the City will not be able to contact you with updates regarding your concern(s).

The City of Lee's Summit does not maintain all of the infrastructure located within its city limits. For example, I-470, US-50, M-291 and M-150 along with the respective interchanges and frontage roads are generally owned and maintained by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). One of the benefits of LS Connect is that it can better direct resident concerns to the appropriate agencies beyond the City of Lee's Summit.

For example, if you try to report a pothole on an on-ramp to a highway, the category for pothole will say Pothole (MoDOT). After selecting this category, information will be provided on how to contact MoDOT with your concern.

LS Connect uses the location you selected to determine which agency is responsible for the concern. At boundaries or if map data is missing, the system will default to the City of Lee's Summit. If the City of Lee's Summit is notified of a concern which another agency is responsible for maintaining, staff will report the concern to the appropriate agency and then close out the request in LS Connect.



While you can use the LS Connect app or LS Connect online to report concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the City only responds to reports during regular business hours which are from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The LS Connect app or LS Connect online should NOT be used to report emergencies of any kind. 

You can still report concerns through LS Connect online. You can either choose to sign up for a SeeClickFix account, or submit as a guest. You also can contact the City directly. Feel free to call or submit a contact form on the City’s website. View more information about how to contact the City and various departments directly.

There are 11 common non-emergency concerns available for reporting in the app and/or online: curbs, potholes, trees/brush, property maintenance and code violations, erosion control, street deterioration/street failure, sign maintenance, storm box/inlet, sidewalks/paths maintenance, streetlight maintenance, or signal maintenance.

In life-threatening emergencies, always call 911. If you want to report a concern that isn't available in the LS Connect app or LS Connect online, please contact the City or various departments directly. You also can click the “How Do I” tab at the top of the City’s website for more information on how to report various concerns or to learn more about City services.

Some issues may impact the traveling public and can be seen to make others aware of the issue. For example, a pothole can be avoided. Duplicate reporting is also reduced.