Ring Neighborhood Portal

RING logoThe Lee’s Summit Police Department has entered into a partnership with Ring, the maker of smartphone-connected home security and surveillance equipment. This partnership will enable homeowners who already have Ring cameras to easily share recorded video with the Police Department and also receive real-time crime alerts via the Neighbors App embedded in the Ring software. For those homeowners using home security cameras other than Ring devices, the Neighbors App can be downloaded as a standalone application and homeowners will receive all of the same benefits.

The partnership with Ring allows the Police Department to see deployed cameras in an area. The Police Department CANNOT see the owner's name, recorded video or view the camera’s live feed. However, if a crime were to occur in that area, police can quickly identify the cameras that are present and send a message to the residents in that area to check their recordings. If a resident identifies video that could be helpful, they can choose to share the video with the Police Department. 

This partnership is much more efficient than traditional security camera registration programs used in other cities. It allows the police to maintain current records and allows citizens to receive real-time crime alerts. It is the hope of the Police Department that this partnership will further our mission of partnering with citizens to detect, solve and reduce crime.

How to Download the Neighbors App

The app is free to download. Text lspd to 555888 or visit the app store to download it on any iOS or Android device. For more information, view the Ring Neighborhood Portal flyer.

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