Special Event Permit

Special Events are intended to provide a temporary use of land for in a manner consistent with its normal use and beneficial to the general welfare of the public. Special Events are reviewed on how they could affect nearby property owners, residents and businesses.

The full text of the ordinance can be found In Unified Development Ordinance Article 11 - Special Events. The ordinance describes a variety of special events, and explains when a Special Event Permit is required, and what types of events are exempt from permits.

Fees for special events can be found in the Schedule of Fees and Charges, under the category "Miscellaneous". The base fee for all special events requiring a permit is $50.  Additional fees may be required, for example, if the event requires street closure or other city services.

Required Submittals:

  1. Special Event Permit application
  2. Base application fee ($50)
  3. Written narrative of the event
  4. Site plan or map