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ReOpening Your Business? What to Plan for When “Restarting” Water Service

If a building has been vacant for several weeks or longer, follow these tips to help maintain internal plumbing before reopening to ensure a fresh water supply. 

Over time, chlorine dissipates in water. If plumbing isn’t used for several days, the chlorine residual will eventually fall to zero. Water Utilities recommends flushing water through unused fixtures for several minutes. This will turn over the unused water and flow fresh water from the water main through your building's plumbing.

  • Turn on every fixture and run cold water until the temperature of the water is cool. Fresh water will feel cooler than the water that has been sitting in the building's plumbing. That is a good indication of “new” chlorinated water entering pipes and fixtures.
  • Water Utilities recommends incremental checks of the plumbing in an unoccupied business. Have an employee go by and walk through the building and make sure water isn’t running anywhere it shouldn’t be.

Coronavirus Building Flushing Guidance

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