Take Me Home Program

Take Me Home is a program originally developed by the Pensacola Florida Police Department for people who may need special assistance in times of emergency. This kind of assistance may be required if the person is unable to speak or properly identify themselves, or if they become disoriented or act in a manner that could be misinterpreted by first responders or law enforcement officers.

The system includes a current digital picture, demographic information and caregiver contacts. If a police officer encounters a person in the Take Me Home system, the officer can query the database by searching by name or by the person’s physical description. Once the individual’s Take Me Home record has been located, the officer has the information at hand to appropriately assist the person.


To enroll in the Take Me Home Program, families, caregivers and individuals submit registrant information online. This includes recent digital photos, physical characteristics (height, weight), demographics, emergency contacts and a description of the person's condition or illness.  

This information is placed in a database that can be accessed in a police vehicle or back at the station. If officers find someone who can’t communicate where he/she lives, they can search the database by description and return the person to their loved ones. The system also works in reverse — if a loved one goes missing, their picture and description are immediately available.

Take Me Home is voluntary for citizens who participate and all information is kept confidential. To enroll a person in the program, please complete the information below.

Take Me Home Form