Police - Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, here is a listing of common questions relating to the City of Lee's Summit Police Department. To display the answer to a question, just click on the question and the answer will display below it. If a question is not listed, we encourage you to contact us so we can answer your question.

General FAQs

Police reports must be made in person; we need to verify your identity as we record the facts of your incident or case.  We have several ways you can make a police report; if you have an emergency, dial 911.

  • Call our dispatch center non-emergency number at 816-969-7390 (option #7); an officer can be dispatched to any address in Lee's Summit to speak with you.
  • Make a walk in police report -- our lobby is open 24 hours a day and an officer will be called in to speak with you.  Our front desk is staffed with Police Services Officers Monday - Friday from 7am-4pm.  If you come into headquarters during those times to make your report it will reduce your waiting time.

Police reports can't be taken over the phone or made online.


The Lee's Summit Police Department Records Unit has developed policies and procedures regarding the release of reports that are in compliance with both legislative and case law, balancing public disclosure with privacy rights. Copies of police reports are generally available within five working days after the incident has been reported.  Click here for our online records disclosure request form . Scroll down on the page and enter the data into the online request form. The Records Unit is open from 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. from Monday through Friday and is closed on all major holidays. There is a cost associated for copies of police reports. The cost for current reports is $5. Refer to the Schedule of Fees tab for other applicable fees. Be prepared to present proper identification when requesting copies of some types of reports. Requests may take 7-10 business days to process, depending on the circumstances of the request. Call the Records Unit at 816.969.1715 to verify that your report is available.

Information contained on reports cannot be disseminated over the phone. If you are requesting a copy of an accident report, you may also utilize an optional on-line service that now makes completed accident reports available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is an added fee for this service which is outlined on the web site: www.buycrash.com

The Police Department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some services are available during core business hours only.

The LSPD does not have certified car seat technicians to assist with installing child safety seats.

You can visit www.carseatcheck.org to find a local install station by searching your zip code.

Contact the Records Unit at 816.969.1715. A clerk will explain the procedure and the associated cost.

Fingerprinting is done by a police services officer and there is a fee for this service. The fee for Lee's Summit residents is $5 (for up to three cards). The charge for non-residents is $10 (for up to three cards).  Cards are normally provided by the citizen, the Police Department does have FBI compliant cards if needed. Debit cards or cash are welcome for payment, but there is a small fee fee for debit card usage; if you wish to avoid the fee, please bring cash for payment as listed above. 

Fingerprinting is done on a walk in basis, 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.; no appointment is necessary.  A sample card is below so you can fill out your cards correctly; all of the highlighted boxes need to be completed.  You can fill them out in advance or complete them in our lobby where you can ask for assistance if a blank on the form is confusing. Be sure to print all information in BLACK ink and write legibly. 

The picture below provides an example fingerprint card and the appropriate information for each box.  If nothing is listed for that box, leave it blank.

FBI FD-258 Fingerprint Card and Abbreviations


Call the alarm coordinator at 816.969.1716 to obtain the necessary information to register your alarm system, as required by city ordinance.  You can also contact the alarm coordinator by email at, dana.hobbs@cityofls.net Or to read general requirements and to down load forms click here:  For more information check out the alarms page and city ordinances.

Your positive comments are always welcome and will be sent to the employee’s supervisor for review. The employee will also be notified that their service has been recognized. To notify them, Complete the Commend a police officer Form, and when finished click the send button. The compliment will then be forwarded to the appropriate contacts.

Citizens are encouraged to contact an on-duty supervisor in an attempt to resolve conflicts. If this contact does not achieve a satisfactory result or if you desire to file a complaint without speaking with a supervisor, a complaint form may be obtained by the following methods. A citizen may obtain a complaint form in the lobby of the Police Department, download and print a form, or complete and submit a form online. Any method will cause submitted complaint forms to be directed to the Office of the Chief of Police. All complaints will be investigated and notification of a disposition will be provided within a reasonable period.

The local number is 816.969.1752. You may remain anonymous, if you wish.

The Lee's Summit Police Department allows citizens to accompany uniform patrol officers during the course of their assigned duties. This perspective provides citizens with an opportunity to see police officers work first hand. Ride-along forms can be picked up at the front desk of the police department, during normal business hours, Monday - Friday.  Interested persons can also download the ride a long form from the link below.  Those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when completing the form. Call 816.969.1770 for further information.

LSPD Ride A Long Request Form

Citizen Police Academy is based on the words of the founder of modern policing, that "the police are the public and the public are the police." At the Lee's Summit Police Department we believe that we cannot merely respond to disorder after it has occurred. We believe in involving citizens and business owners who recognize themselves as stakeholders in our community. If you are interested in participating by attending one night per week, for three hours, for a ten week period, you may e-mail the Public Information Sgt. or call 816.969.1707

You can contact the Community Interaction Officer, Carmen Spaeth at 816.969.1708 or via email at cspaeth@cityofls.net Tours are scheduled by appointment only.

Stay on the line! When asked, you can let the dispatcher know the call was made in error. If you hang up, the dispatcher will call you back to be sure everything is okay. If you do not answer the phone when the dispatcher calls you back, a police officer may be dispatched to your location.

Call 816.969.1770 to schedule a House Watch. Be prepared to give information on dates/times that you will be away and who will have access to your residence while you are away. The officer assigned to your district will provide extra patrol during your absence.

Contact the Community Interaction Office at 816.969.1708 to schedule an on-site appointment. You will be advised of available methods for increasing the security of your home or business.

Established in 1987 Youth Court is designed to handle juvenile cases considered to be minor in nature. It is a recognized deferment program of the Jackson County Family Court and is specifically designed for first-time offenders. Contact the Youth Coordinator at 816.969.4210 for additional information.  For further information click here

The City of Lee's Summit has provisions for closing off certain streets for neighborhood block parties. City ordinance does allow the Chief of Police to temporarily close a street and designate it as a "play street" for the purpose of a block party. However, when streets are closed for a block party and designated as a "play street," ALL LAWS AND ORDINANCES ARE STILL IN EFFECT. These are not limited to, and include noise, litter and conduct regulations.

Where do we turn the form in once it is completed?
• Front desk of Police Headquarters

Is there a cost?
• It is free.

How many days before the event does it need to be turned in?
• A minimum of 10 days prior to the requested date.

Download the BLOCK PARTY REQUEST form here and fax completed form to: 816.969.1634.

A police officer is available to speak to your group on a variety of subjects.  Please be advised that this request needs to be made with a minimum of two weeks notice.  Contact the Community Interaction Office at 816.969.1708 to schedule a speaker.

In the City of Lee’s Summit, Mo, the Lee’s Summit Police Dispatchers answer 9-1-1. The call-taker will transfer the calls to Fire or Ambulance when necessary.

You will need to let the call-taker know what kind of emergency you have. Where you need emergency services, your name, and if there is any suspect information.
Who - who needs help?
What - What kind of help is needed?
Where - Where is the emergency?
When – When did it happen?

If you are calling from a residence, yes. If you call from a residence or business land-line we have the ALI (Automated Location Indicator) and we have the ANI (Automated Number Indicator) which should give us the correct address and phone number where the call originated. Should you call from a cell phone, we are able to track most calls to within a few hundred feet by using the GeoLynx 9-1-1 software and by using the latitude and longitude provided on the ANI/ALI. How close we can get depends on which cellular provider you use.

Upon occasion, the Animal Control Department may be needed to set a trap for a wild animal that has become a threat to public health or safety.  If you have a wildlife related problem or question, Animal Control can help you with finding a solution to the problem.  You may be referred to the Missouri Department of Conservation.

You can click here for a map outlining police department districts.

Mopeds and motor scooters are treated very similar to full size motorcycles when operated in the City of Lee's Summit.  In order to operate a moped or scooter on a public roadway, the operator / moped must have the following:

1.  A current Missouri issued safety inspection

2. Liability insurance as required for a motorcycle in the State of Missouri

3. A motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license

4. The operator must wear an approved helmet

5.  A license plate is not required and the Missouri Dept. of Motor Vehicles will not issue one for a moped or scooter

6.  The moped / scooter can't be operated on roadways with a speed limit above 45 mph.

Mopeds and scooters are governed by ordinance(s) 29-573 and 29-518 of the City's Code of Ordinances.