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Lee’s Summit Municipal Division 243/263


The Lee's Summit Municipal Division is making every effort to assist our court customers while protecting the safety of our customers and our staff.  Pursuant to an Administrative Order issued by the Lee's Summit Municipal Division 243/263 all in-person court dockets have been suspended through October 31, 2020. and may be extended as circumstances may warrant.  All Defendants and Counsel will receive a Notice of Hearing when your case is rescheduled.  Lee's Summit Municipal Division's scheduled hearings are available on Case.Net at www.courts.mo.gov.  The Court is holding small in-person dockets.  The Court will be following strict CDC Guidelines and adhering to the MO Supreme Court Operational Directives.  


The Court is currently in the process of scheduling the backlog of continued cases for WebEx virtual dockets and small in-person dockets. If your case requires a court appearance and you would prefer your case to be heard via WebEx,  you may request a virtual hearing by contacing the Court @ LSMCVirtualDocket@cityofls.net  or 816.969.1150 or 816.969.1160 and provide your Name, Citation information and your email address. The Court will schedule you for a WebEx docket and notice will be sent to you via your email address.


At this time all Lee’s Summit Municipal Dockets are suspended by Administrative Order; you will receive a Notice of Hearing when your case is rescheduled or you can sign up for Track This Case through Case.Net @ www.courts.mo.gov to receive electronic notice. If you have a plea agreement with the Prosecutor that requires a court appearance, please request a virtual plea hearing through WebEx by emailing the Court @ LSMCVirtualDocket@cityofls.net

Attorneys & Defendants - Postponed and rescheduled hearings. If your hearing has been postponed you can find out when it has been rescheduled by signing up for "Track This Case" through Missouri Case.Net. Instructions to Track This Case using Missouri Case.net.


Municipal Court Presiding Judge James M. Tobin issued Administrative Order 2020-007 closing public access to the court effective Wednesday, March 18, 2020. The Court remains closed to the public at this time.  Court customers may pay fines and court costs online through Case.Net or TrafficPayment.com. If you are unable to pay via on-line or by mail; you may contact the Court at 816.969.1150 or 816.969.1160 to schedule an appointment to make an in-person payment. If you need to inquire about a citation or need to provide the Court your proof of vehicle insurance you need to email the Court @ lscourts@cityofls.net.


An updated Fine Schedule for Municipal Offenses was approved effective May 1, 2020. Please visit the Fines and Costs web page to view the complete fine schedule for Municipal Offenses. This schedule reflects charges that are payable on or before the initial court date. Full payment of the fine, plus $35.50 court costs, constitutes a guilty plea and waiver of trial. Any citations issued for a charge codes not listed on the Missouri Supreme Court Municipal Uniform Fine Schedule require a personal court appearance. Payment may be made through Case.Net; Plead and Pay at www.courts.mo.gov. If paying in person, the Court accepts the following forms of payment: cash, credit/debit card, money order, or cashier’s check. Payments by mail may be made by money order or cashier’s check only. Personal or business checks will not be accepted.


The Lee’s Summit Municipal Division has an on-line Entry of Appearance form to request a first time continuance. You may also forward your Entry of Appearance or Motion for Continuance to the Court via email at lscourts@cityofls.net or via facsimile at 816 969.1155. The court calendar is available on the website; when selecting a future court date for your Motion please note your case(s) must remain on the Tuesday or Thursday as assigned. Please provide a copy of your pleading to the Lee’s Summit Prosecutor by facsimile at 816.969.1421.

At this time the Lee’s Summit Municipal Division 243/263 is unable to accept e-filing transactions therefore you must file all pleadings using the above described means.

Kelly Elliot

Kelly S. Elliott
Court Administrator

  • Plead and Pay via Case.Net

    Plead and Pay via Case.Net

    Plead and Pay is a feature of Case.net that allows a Defendant to plead guilty and pay his or her fine and costs in full online.  The violation must appear on the Fine Schedule of Municipal Offenses.   To use Plead and Pay you may search for your case at: www.courts.mo.gov  You will need your citation number, located in the upper right-hand corner of the citation.   You must pay the entire amount due, plus an online processing fee.  By using Plead and Pay, you are acknowledging the payment in full is considered a guilty plea and waiver of a court hearing to the charge on the citation.  

  • On-Line Payment Method for Court Fines, Costs and Fees
    Trafficpayment.com screen shot of website

    On-Line Payment Method for Court Fines, Costs and Fees

    The Lee's Summit Municipal Division has on-line payment available with TrafficPayment.com. Please wait 7 days after you receive your ticket before paying online. 

    To make a payment online, please visit the link located on our website or visit www.trafficpayment.com. Or you may make a payment by telephone-weekdays from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  Please call 1-800-444-1187 (Bilingual representatives available).   


  • Lee’s Summit Municipal Division Records Available via Case.Net
    Screen shot of Case.net website

    Lee’s Summit Municipal Division Records Available via Case.Net

    Lee's Summit court records are available via Case.Net at www.courts.mo.gov. If needing case number, court date or disposition information for a Lee's Summit citation you may consult Case.Net for this information. Track This Case is a notification system provided through Missouri Case.net. After you sign up and respond to a system verification notice you will receive notification when a docket entry is made or updated on this case. You may also choose to receive optional notices on scheduled events and scheduled payments due. See 'Track This Case' under Help for additional information. Also available is Pay by Web. If your case has been disposed and you have been placed on a Payment Plan by the Court you can use this feature to make online payment.