Safe Passage

Safe Passage is a police-assisted recovery program in which local law enforcement has partnered with mental health service providers to lend support to people suffering from substance use disorders. Safe passage is designed to offer a clear path towards recovery using both inpatient and outpatient treatment methods. 

The program is modeled after the ANGEL program in Gloucester, Massachusetts where innovation took the place of enforcement in an attempt to confront substance use disorders at the source.

This program is 100 percent voluntary. All a person needs to do is contact the police or appear in person and ask for help. The Police Department will work on the front end to secure safe passage into a treatment program and that program will be designed to meet an individual's specific needs. Utilizing ReDiscover’s Assessment and Triage Center (KC-ATC), as well as input from First Call KC, individuals seeking treatment will be transported to a facility for an initial screening process..        

This is not a court mandated program. The difference between Safe Passage and court ordered treatment is the voluntary nature of entering the program. All a person needs to do is contact the police department to express the desire to move towards a life of sobriety. If the individual has illegal contraband to relinquish, there will be no criminal charges filed in doing so, EVER. Success in the program is not a requirement as we are well aware that sobriety is not a guarantee. We will continue to work with those who have experienced less than successful attempts indefinitely.

There is no cost to the individual seeking treatment. If insurance is available, it may be utilized. However, if insurance is not available, a person will still move forward with treatment regardless. Our Crisis Intervention Team officers are standing by to greet those in need and get them transported to a treatment facility best suited to the individual’s needs.

Any adult is eligible to participate in the program. There are no restrictions as it relates to substance use disorders, criminal history or even wanted status. We have worked with both state and municipal prosecutors to find a path best suited to address the underlying issues common with those suffering from substance use disorder. Currently, we are taking any and all interested parties regardless of residency.

Brochures are available at Lee’s Summit Police Headquarters or call 816.969.7390.  

Safe Passage Brochure

Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!