Safe Passage

people smilingThe Lee's Summit Police Department has partnered with behavioral health providers to provide a path to recovery for people seeking treatment for a substance use disorder.

Participation in the Safe Passage program is voluntary and begins when an individual requests help with a substance use disorder by calling 911, walking into police headquarters or approaching a police officer. Officers will immediately connect individuals to treatment and recovery resources.



The Safe Passage Process

safe passage flowchart depicting the process 


Safe Passage Podcast

On this episode of the City's podcast, the Lee's Summit Police Department and two behavioral health providers discuss the Safe Passage program, how the process works and how the program aids those on their path to recovery.   


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no cost to the individual seeking treatment. If insurance is available, it may be utilized. However, if insurance is not available, a person will still move forward with treatment. 

Individuals must be 18 years or older to be eligible for the Safe Passage program.

Success may take multiple attempts. Safe Passage will always be available.

No. Officers will take possession and legally dispose of drugs and paraphernalia. No arrest for possession of drugs or paraphernalia will be made.  

The Police Department has partnered with PAARI USA which grants access to over 300 mental health service providers across the nation. 

If there is a warrant for an individual's arrest, they will be arrested for the warrant. However, depending on the type of warrant, agencies have stated they will work with the individual to enter treatment with Safe Passage. In some instances, the individual may be allowed a signature bond on the warrant or the agency may release the person on their own recognizance so they can enter Safe Passage.