Brand Guidelines

The City of Lee’s Summit is much more than a logo. It is essential that we all, as co-pilots of the brand, use our logo and fonts properly to maintain consistency in all our visual messaging. In doing so, we will support and strengthen our brand personality. It also helps build a strong, unified image of the City of Lee’s Summit. This is meant to ensure that whenever, wherever or however individuals come in contact with our brand, our message will be cohesive.

The Lee’s Summit logo and tagline “Yours Truly” are registered trademarks of the City of Lee’s Summit, Mo., and cannot be used in any form, without prior approval. A  License Agreement must be completed once use is approved. 

We all have the responsibility to build and protect our branding communication materials in order to maintain equity in our brand. Please be advised that any and all intended uses of the logo or theme line in whole or in part will require prior submission and sign-off approval, before production, recording or publication.

For more information on the “do’s” and “don’t’s” for employing our logo and fonts, contact