Scheduling and Viewing Inspections

CityView the City's online portal will allow you to schedule inspections, view inspection reports, view plan review documents, and will provide general project information.  Visit the City Portal, click on "Building Department Status and Fees", and type in the permit number or address in the search field.

City Portal

Building Permit Inspection Process

Upon issuance of a building permit, certain inspections are required so that compliance with the building code may be verified. This is done for the safety of the people who will be occupying or otherwise using the structure or space once it is completed.

City Inspectors will make both routine and required inspections during the construction process.

Required Inspections

Erosion and Sediment Control Standards for Single Family Residential Construction
Special Inspections
Utility Release Information
Code Modification Request

These links contain information that will help you construct your project under the provisions of the building code. Please note that these handouts do not represent the entire building code; rather, they are highlights of the code that contain answers to frequently asked questions. If you have questions, contact the Development Services Department at 816.969.1200.

One and Two Family Dwellings
Uncovered Decks

Reference the adopted building codes for the City of Lee's Summit.

Residential Third Party Inspections

Residential inspections performed by a third party are accepted for foundation, foundation wall, footing and framing inspections using the Third Party Inspection. Third party inspections may be submitted in person at City Hall, faxed to 816.969.1201, or emailed to Submit within 48 hours after the inspection.

Third Party Inspection

Site Development and Subdivision Permit Inspection Process

Contact your assigned Field Engineering Inspector at 816.969.1200 at least 2 business days prior to the onset of construction. The inspector will meet you on site, deliver the approved and signed plans, and issue the permit to you.