Employment Qualifications & Disqualifiers


Sworn Positions. Candidates must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age or will be twenty-one (21) years of age prior to the successful completion of a Missouri Police Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) approved law enforcement training academy.

Nonsworn Positions. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age.

A birth certificate copy will be required prior to appointment. Acceptable substitutes for a birth certificate include naturalization papers and/or a valid passport. Do not submit a birth certificate or other proof of age with your application. This information will be requested later in the testing process.

Sworn Positions. A high school diploma or G.E.D. A college degree or military experience preferred.

Non-Sworn Positions. Generally require a high school diploma or general equivalency degree, but certain job postings may contain additional education requirements.

A candidate must be a United States citizen. Proof of such must be presented prior to appointment. Acceptable proof of United States citizenship shall include a birth certificate from within the United States, naturalization papers, a United States passport, or a Certificate of Live Birth Abroad of a United States Citizen. Do not submit proof of citizenship with your application. This information will be requested during the testing process.

Must have a valid motor vehicle operator’s license or the ability to obtain a valid motor vehicle operator’s license immediately following date of hire as defined by resident state regulations; credible driving record.

Must have a credible work history.

Must be a credible witness in court.

Candidates must be capable of performing the essential job functions of an entry-level police officer with or without reasonable accommodation. All phases of the examination are designed to measure a candidate’s ability to perform the essential functions of the job. 

Police officers are responsible for performing the essential functions of the job which include the suppression of crime, the protection of life and property from criminal activity, the apprehension and arrest of violators of the criminal and traffic laws, the recovery of stolen property and the regulation of non-criminal conduct. Police officers patrol an assigned beat, precinct or area, familiarizing themselves with businesses, public facilities, people, etc. Police officers investigate unusual persons, circumstances, and accidents; make detailed reports of such occurrences; and respond to police calls in their area, as ordered by the Communications Specialist.

Reasons for Disqualification

Automatic Disqualifiers

False statement of material fact/deception/fraud. Any past history of false statements that will impair your ability to be a credible witness in a court of law.

No felony convictions.

Active Orders of Protection

  • DUI, DWI, or Hit and Run within the past three years.
  • Three or more chargeable or at-fault accidents within the past three years.
  • Drivers license suspension or revocation within the past three years.
  • No valid driver's license. 
  • No more than three moving violation convictions in the past three years (police officers).

Currently on probation, parole or diversion (inclusive of deferred adjudication). Pardoned for any reason other than being innocent.

  • Current drug use of any kind is an automatic disqualifier. Illicit drug usage (all drugs except marijuana) within three (3) years of date of application is an automatic disqualifier.
  • Marijuana usage within 6 months of date of application is a disqualifier. Past marijuana usage dating 6-12 months and beyond from date of application will be evaluated.

Sale of illegal drugs or the sale of legal drugs without a license is a permanent disqualifier.

Discharge other than honorable (no conditions). Conviction/commission of court-martial offense.

Failure to complete the Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) after being afforded the opportunity to do such – will be removed from the process and must reapply.

Any convictions for domestic violence or domestic assault is normally an employment disqualifier for a sworn officer position.

The employment of family members is prohibited in the following situations:

  • where an employee would be supervised by his/her family member and/or
  • in the same department or division where family members would be in the same place or in regular or frequent contact.

Potential Disqualifiers

Failure to disclose information in the Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) or during the interview when the candidate was afforded the opportunity to disclose and it is discovered in the polygraph or background investigation. Based on the disclosure may be allowed to reapply.

Convictions reduced from felony charges. Exception - When the candidate received SIS (or equivalent) the information will be reviewed and investigated during a polygraph and background check.

Use of hallucinogenic substances occurring over 10 years from the application date will be subject to review.

Work history, educational history, military service, general reputation and interpersonal relationships.

Suspension or termination from employment within one year. Eligible to reapply after one year from the date of termination or last date of suspension.

The Police Department has a policy on tattoos and body modifications. Employees and applicants must adhere to the following policy:

  • Employees will not have visible tattoos on the head, neck, face, ears, or hands.
  • Tattoos that are visible in the on-duty uniform are allowed provided the tattoos are not offensive, provocative, profane, racist, sexist, or excessive as determined by the police chief. 
  • Employees will not have other body art, e.g., branding, scarring, piercing or intentional body mutilations that would be visible while in uniform.