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Right-of-Way Permit

  • What is Right of Way?
    Generally, a public easement, vested in the City in trust for the public and controlled by the City, to which the public has a right to access and use for the purposes intended by dedication. Generally, the Right-of-Way is 10-15ft behind the edge of the street or curb.
  • What is a Right of Way Permit and when should you purchase one?
    A Right-of-Way permit must be obtained from the City of Lee's Summit Public Works Department any time an excavation is made in the public Right-of-Way. This permit will consist of Permit Application Guidelines, Permit Holder Requirements and other relevant information.
  • Public Works Right of Way Ordinance
  • How do I obtain a Right of Way Permit?
    • Existing accounts: Please login to Right of Way Permit.
    • Apply for a username and password: Right of Way Permit application. The applicant will be notified within 48 hours to confirm account activation.
    • Via email: A permit application can be obtained from the Public Works Department by emailing publicworks@cityofls.net. Once filled out and submitted, the ID and password will be processed and the applicant will receive confirmation from the Right-of-Way Section within 48 hours.
    • Via fax machine: The Applicant may apply for an ID and password by faxing a completed copy of the permit application to the Right-of-Way section at 816.969.1809. The Right-of-Way Section will respond back with a confirmation of the applicants new ID and password within 48 hours.
    • Questions about this procedure may be directed via publicworks@cityofLS.net or by phone to the Public Works Department at 816.969.1800.
    • Some activities in the Right-of-Way may require a supplemental Temporary Traffic Control Permit.