Police Department Operations

The Police Department is structured into three divisions, each led by a major who reports to the chief of police. 


Operations Division

The Operations Division is led by Major Cary Colyne and is the largest division within the Police Department. The division contains a majority of the department's sworn personnel assigned to the Patrol Section as well as the Special Operation Unit which contains the Traffic Section and K-9 officers. Duties handled within the Operations Division include:

  • Responding to emergency/non-emergency calls for service.
  • Traffic accident investigation.
  • Community Policing Projects.
  • Traffic law enforcement.
  • Emergency Services Squad (SWAT).
  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team (EOD).

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is led by Major Nicole Walters. The division is split into three units, the Criminal Investigations Unit, Juvenile Investigations Unit and the Special Investigations Unit. Duties handled within this division include:

  • Follow-up investigations.
  • Filing of criminal complaints/warrants.
  • Drug/vice / alcohol-related investigations.

Administration Division

The Administration Division is led by Major Mark Liebig. Units in the Administrative Division include the Public Information Unit, Professional Standards, Records Unit, Youth Services Unit, Detention Center and Communications. Duties handled within this division include:

  • Hiring and recruiting new staff.
  • Building and facility maintenance and upkeep.
  • CALEA Accreditation management.
  • Requests for Police reports/records.
  • Fleet management.
  • Front desk staff/walk-in reports.
  • Continuing education/training for employees.
  • IMPACT programs for schools.
  • School Resource Officer Program.
  • Detention Center
  • Communications Unit