Block Party Permits

The City of Lee's Summit has provisions for closing off certain streets for neighborhood block parties. City ordinance does allow the Chief of Police to temporarily close a street and designate it as a "play street" for the purpose of a block party. However, when streets are closed for a block party and designated as a "play street," ALL LAWS AND ORDINANCES ARE STILL IN EFFECT. These are not limited to, and include noise, litter and conduct regulations.

Where do we turn the form in once it is completed?
• Email the completed form to Sgt. Travis Burks at or Sgt. Aaron Evans at
• Fax completed form to 816.969.1649

Questions about block party requests? Contact Sgt. Travis Burks at 816-969-1701 or Sgt. Aaron Evans at 816-969-1754

Is there a cost?
• No, it is free.

How many days before the event does it need to be turned in?
• A minimum of 10 days prior to the requested date.

Download the BLOCK PARTY REQUEST Form.