Other Services

The following is a list of partial services provided by the Lee's Summit Police Department.  Some of these services are only available during core business hours:

Adoption Letter  816.969.1715 no
Alarm Permits  816.969.1786 yes
Building Tours  816.969.1708 no
Business Liquor License Permits  816.969.1715 yes
Business Security Survey  816.969.1708  no
Citizens Police Academy  816.969.1707 no
Commend an officer or employee  816.969.1795 no
Complaint against an officer or employee  816.969.1795 no
Copy of reports, accidents and others  816.969.1715 yes
Crime Free Multi-housing  816.969.1708 no
Fingerprints  816.969.1710 yes
Hiring/Recruitment  816.969.1707 no
Home Security Survey   816.969.1708 no
House Watch  816.969.1770 no
Junior Police Academy   816.969.1407 no
Local Records Check  816.969.1715 yes 
Local Tips Hotline   816.969.1752 no 
Neighborhood Watch  816.969.1708 no 
Parade Permits   816.969.1766 no
Police Blotter   816.969.1707 no 
Private Security Registration   816.969.1715  no 
Residential Security Survey   816.969.1708 no 
Ride Along With An Officer   816.969.1770 no 
Solicitors Permit  816.969.1715 yes 
Speakers Bureau  816.969.7107 no 
Youth Court   816.969.1744  yes 


Ride-A-Long Waiver