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Police Employee Complaint Letter

Complaint Against a Police Employee

The Police Department recognizes that its officers and civilian employees are responsible to the public for their performance. At certain times, a conflict may exist between a citizen and a police employee in the performance of his or her duties.

If you believe that a police employee has acted improperly, you are encouraged to contact an on-duty supervisor in an attempt to resolve the conflict. If this contact does not achieve a satisfactory result, the supervisor will provide you with assistance in the submission of a complaint form. Complaint forms are available in the Police Department lobby, posted on the City of Lee’s Summit Police Department Web site, or upon request.

When completing the form, please be sure to provide all information concerning an incident, including identification and contact information for any witnesses. Many details, which may seem small at the time, may later prove to be of great value in the investigation. You will be notified of receipt of your complaint, provided with periodic status reports, and informed of the disposition of the investigation.

Rest assured that we desire to provide the best possible public service and are appreciative when given the opportunity to improve our performance.


Travis Forbes
Chief of Police

Click here for a complaint form that can be printed and submitted via the mail or in person.


Click here for an Online Police Complaint Form