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The headquarters for the Lee's Summit Missouri Police Department resides at the corner of NE Douglas and NE Tudor Road and houses the department's 209 staff members.  The Police Department is structured into four divisions, each division is lead by a Major who reports to the Chief of Police.

Operations Division:

The Operations Division is lead by Major Mike Childs and is the largest division within the Police Department.  The Operations Division contains the majority of the department's sworn personnel that are assigned to the Patrol section as well as the Special Operation Unit which contains the Traffic section and K-9 officers.  Duties handled within this division include:

  • Responding to emergency / non-emergency calls for service
  • Traffic accident investigation
  • Community Policing Projects
  • Traffic law enforcement
  • Emergency Services Squad (SWAT)
  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team (EOD)

Criminal Investigations Division:

The Criminal Investigations Division is lead by Major John Boenker.  The Criminal Investigations Division is split into three units, the Criminal Investigations Unit, Juvenile Investigations Unit and the Special Investigations Unit.  Duties handled within this division include:

  • Follow up investigations
  • Filing of criminal complaints / warrants
  • Drug / vice / alcohol related investigations
  • D.A.R.E. program for schools
  • School Resource Officer program for schools

Administration Division:

The Administration Division is lead by Major Curt Mansell.  Units in the administrative division included the Public Information Unit, Professional Standards Unit and the Records Unit.   Duties handled within this division include:

  • Hiring and recruiting of new staff
  • Building and facility maintenance and upkeep
  • CALEA Accreditation management
  • Requests for Police reports / records
  • Fleet management
  • Front desk staff / walk in reports
  • Continuing education / training for staff

Support Services Division:

The Support Services Division is lead by Major Mark Taylor. Contained within the division are the Detention Unit, Communications Unit and also our Animal Control Unit.  Duties handled within this division include:

  • Booking and intake of prisoners
  • 911 dispatching / radio communications
  • Calls for service that involve injured or stray animals

Members of the Lee's Summit Police Department are guided in their actions by the departments Mission Statement, Values Statement and Motto.

Mission Statement:

To provide excellence in police services to the community by safeguarding life and property, in an effort to reduce the incidence and fear of crime.  We will promote public safety through enforcing the law in a fair and impartial manner by protecting constitutional guarantees.

We are committed to building partnerships which allow a unified response to issues arising within our community.  We promise to conduct ourselves with pride, unity, honor and commitment; thereby, ensuring the highest ethical standards to maintain public confidence.

Values Statement:

As a Police Department, we honor the values of Pride, Honor, Unity and Commitment.

 Pride -- Satisfaction in knowing we stand for the moral virtues of honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, commitment, and incorruptibility which is the standard for our Department.

Unity -- Working together with the community by encouraging open communication and active participation to achieve our mission.

Honor -- Acting with integrity, regardless of the cost; defined by our courage, commitment, respect, and self-sacrifice.

Commitment -- Our commitment is action based on trust; binding oneself to a goal to transform a promise into reality.


The Lee's Summit Police Department's motto is, "Committed to Excellence".