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Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Services is responsible for maintaining and enforcing the property maintenance code and the Quality Housing Program.

City Council adopted a set of ordinances establishing minimum standards for property maintenance to ensure quality housing choices, build strong neighborhoods and create a safe environment for both residents and visitors. Every property owner has a responsibility to meet these standards to preserve the quality of life that exists in the City.

Maintenance and use of private property within the City is generally guided by three City ordinances:

What happens when a code violation is reported?

Initial Inspection.

A complaint is received and a neighborhood services case is opened. An initial inspection will be performed within five business days.

Does a Violation Exist?

If a violation is found a case will be worked and a notice of violation is issued to the property owner and/or the tenant. Typically, a notice of violation gives 10 days to abate a violation. If no violation is found then the case is closed.


A re-inspection occurs at the 10-day expiration. In most cases, the violation is abated and the case is closed. Once the abatement period has expired the remaining grass and some rubbish cases are abated by the City contractor at the property owner’s expense. For other violations, a courtesy extension may be considered.



If the case is not resolved after extensions have been granted, a case is filed with the Prosecutor’s Office and a court summons is issued to the property owner and/or tenant. Once the court has entered a judgment the case is then closed.