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From Source to Tap: Managing a Clean, Reliable Water Supply

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Imagine an Olympic-size swimming pool, filled to the top. Now, multiply that by 50. That’s about how much water Lee’s Summit Water Utilities has the capacity to bring in per day. The City has the ability to receive up to 7.5 million gallons of water per day from the City of Independence and up to 25 million gallons of water per day from the City of Kansas City. That’s a lot of water! There is a complicated water infrastructure below the city,...

Innovative Technology Used to Inspect Water Infrastructure in Lee’s Summit

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The City of Lee’s Summit’s Water Utilities Department is taking a proactive approach to ensure the integrity of its pipeline infrastructure through the use of an innovative technology, known as PipeDiver. PipeDiver is a free-floating device, which will be used during a March 21 inspection to assess the condition of one of the City’s critical water transmission mains without interrupting water service to residents. The City is working with HDR...

Lateral Connection Rehab to Reduce Wastewater Treatment Costs and Increase System Reliability

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The City of Lee’s Summit Water Utilities is taking action to reduce wastewater treatment costs and increase sewer system reliability. Lee’s Summit has contracted ACE Pipe Cleaning to perform Lateral Connection Rehab (LCR), in the Cedar Creek Sewer Basin District, areas 16, 17, 14, and 10 (see attached map). LCR is a non-intrusive process that will repair faulty lateral connections to the City sewer main line. Faulty connections are susceptible to...

2018 Rate Changes Allow Water Utilities to Provide Infrastructure Renewal and Increased Services

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Lee’s Summit Water Utilities is dedicated to continually meeting the needs of our customers and community by providing reliable water and sewer services responsibly and efficiently. Since the adoption of the 2011 Water Utilities Strategic Plan, the department has relied on small, planned rate increases that are aimed to lessen the impact to the customer while meeting infrastructure renewal needs and operational costs.