Your Rate Dollars at Work

The Water Utilities Department is an enterprise fund, which means it's services are entirely funded by rates and fees and not out of the City’s General Fund. The Water Utility has three types of charges. 

Water and Wastewater Tap Fees/Connection Fees
Water and Wastewater Connection Fees are used to recover the capital costs associated with the infrastructure needed to provide water and wastewater collection to new customers.

Watershed Improvement Fees
Watershed specific improvement fees are used by the city to recover the cost of specific projects that are intended to provide service only in those watershed areas.

Water and Sewer Rates
The water rate (continuing service charge) and sewer service rate (continuing service charge) are designed to raise sufficient revenue to pay the cost of operating the City's water and sewer systems, including:

  1. The cost of purchasing water for human consumption and the cost of purchasing sewage treatment and disposal services;
  2. The maintenance, repair, and operation of all water‐service and sewer service equipment and facilities owned and operated by the City;
  3. Related accounting, administration and overhead costs;
  4. Payments of all necessary debt service and maintenance of bond covenants for bond issues or other indebtedness related to the City's water and sewer facilities; and
  5. Maintenance of necessary reserves for repair and replacement of water and sewer facilities.

While the Water Utility makes small planned rate increases to meet infrastructure renewal needs and operational costs, the City of Lee's Summit maintains some of the lowest water and sewer rates in the metropolitan area while still making strategic investments in our water and sewer infrastructure and services.

"Monthly Cost of Combined Water & Sewer" bar graph showing Lee's Summit has the 3rd lowest rates in 2018.