Lateral/Service Line

Laterals are pipes that connect a home or business to the public water and sewer systems; they are part of the private plumbing system.  Property owners are responsible for these pipes. That includes inspection, cleaning, maintenance, repair and/or replacement if necessary.

Image showing responsibility for sections of water and sewer service lines.

Things you should know about your water and sewer service lines   

  • Typically the property owner is responsible for the water service line from the building to the meter. 
  • Sometimes sewer laterals are constructed under the street before connecting to the public system. If it fails under the street, the property owner is responsible for the lateral repair and any damages to the street or other public improvements. 
  • Lateral lines can crack, break or leak for a variety of reasons including age or the infiltration of tree and shrubbery roots. 
  • There are private water and sewer line protection programs available to property owners. 
  • Back-ups and damages to your home or property are not typically covered by warranty providers. 

If you are concerned about the condition of your sewer lateral, contact a plumbing company to have your line inspected for potential damage and/or cleaned.