Publications & Reports

Water Utilities has engaged in several improvement and development research projects to plan for future growth and provide current and future customers with safe, reliable water and sewer services in an efficient and responsible manner at a cost-effective rate with exceptional customer service.

The resulting publications include the Strategic Plan, the Water Master Plan, and the Wastewater Master Plan.

The Strategic Plan (2023) outlines how to provide services tailored to defined customer values and how to be responsive to future customer needs.

The Water Master Plan (2023) provides recommendations for water supply and distribution capital improvements to meet customer's current and future needs.

The Wastewater Master Plan (2021) provides a comprehensive plan for the development of the wastewater infrastructure to meet short-term and long-term growth of the City.

Documents used to create the Strategic Plan:
Assessment Report 
Formal Customer Survey Results
Online Customer Survey Results

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

2019 Customer Survey Results

2022 Customer Survey Results

2023 Customer Survey Results