Wastewater Master Plan

November 2006 (Current Version)

The Wastewater Master Plan provides the City of Lee’s Summit a comprehensive plan for the development of its wastewater infrastructure to meet both the short-term and long-term growth of the City.

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Wastewater Master Plan (PDF 71MB)

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Cover Page
Table of Contents
          Executive Summary
                     1.1           Master Plan Purpose and Findings
                     1.2           Recommendations 
                     2.1           Purpose
                     2.2           Planning Process
                     2.3           Master Planning Consultant
                     2.4           Previous Reports
                     2.5           Abbreviations and Acronyms
          Existing Conditions and Projections
                     3.1           Land Planning
                     3.2           Land Use
                     3.2.1        Existing Land Use
                     3.2.2        Year 2015 Land Use
                     3.2.3        Ultimate Land Use
                     3.3           Demographic and Economic Data 
                     3.3.1        Population and Commercial Uses
                     3.3.2        Economic Data 
                     3.3.3        Forecasts of Flow          
           Existing Facilities Evaluation
                     4.1           Existing Collection and Conveyance System
                     4.1.1        City Owned
                     4.1.2        Little Blue Valley Sewer District Owned
                     4.1.3        Middle Big Creek Sub-District Owned
                     4.2           Existing Wastewater Treatment Facilities
                     4.2.1        Little Blue Valley Sewer District
                     4.3           Evaluation of Unsewered Areas
          Future Facility Improvements
                     5.1           Collection and Conveyance System
                     5.1.1        City Owned
                     5.1.2        Little Blue Valley Sewer District Owned
                     5.1.3        Middle Big Creek-Owned
                     5.2           Wastewater Treatment Facilities
                     5.2.1        City-Owned
                     5.2.2        Little Blue Valley Sewer District-Owned
                     5.2.3        Middle Big Creek-Owned
          Alternative Evaluations
                     6.1           Evaluation of Improvements Without PRI Development
                     6.2           Evaluation of Conveyance Alternative for Maybrook, South and West Prairie Lee, and Little Cedar Creek Watersheds
          Collection System Sustainability
                     7.1           Collection System Improvements
                     7.1.1        Estimated Reinvestment for Replacement of Aging Sewers
                     7.1.2        I/I Removal
                     7.1.3        System Rehabilitation
                     7.1.4        Recommendations
                     7.2           CMOM - Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance
                     7.2.1        Capacity Assurance
                     7.2.2        Management
                     7.2.3        Operation and Maintenance
                     7.2.4        CMOM Audit
                     7.2.5        Recommendations
                     7.3           Private Sewer Policies
                     7.3.1        Private Sector I/I Magnitude
                     7.3.2        Private Property Issues
                     7.3.3        Johnson County, Kansas, Wastewater Experience
                     7.3.4        Recommendations
          Recommended Capital Improvements Plan
                     8.1           2015 Capital Improvements
                     8.2           Ultimate Capital Improvements
                     8.3           Ultimate Without PRI


          9.1      City of Lee's Summit Population Projection
          9.2      City of Lee’s Summit Design Criteria; Section 6500 – Sanitary Sewer
          9.3      Excess Flow Hold Basin Sizing Methodology
          9.4      Unsewered Areas – Interceptor Sizing
          9.5      Proposed Excess Flow Holding Basins
          9.6      Detailed Cost Estimate – 2015 Recommended Capital Improvements
          9.7      Detailed Cost Estimate – Ultimate Recommended Capital Improvements 
          9.8      Detailed Cost Estimate – Ultimate (Without PRI) Recommended Capital Improvements 
          9.9      CMOM Audit
          9.10    Computer Model Summary


List of Figures
          Figure 1-1      LBVSD Prioritized Capital Improvements
          Figure 1-2      City of Lee’s Summit Prioritized Capital Improvements
          Figure 3-1      Existing Land Use
          Figure 3-2      2015 Land Use
          Figure 3-3      Ultimate Land Use
          Figure 3-4      Ultimate Land Use Without PRI
          Figure 3-5      Ultimate Land Use Unity Village
          Figure 4-1      Lee’s Summit Wastewater Master Plan - Existing Collection and Conveyance System
          Figure 4-2      LBVSD Wastewater Conveyance System
          Figure 4-3      Middle Big Creek Sub-District Existing Facilities
          Figure 5-1      Peak Wastewater Flow (50-Year) Comparison
          Figure 5-2      Ultimate Condition Wastewater Conveyance Plan
          Figure 5-3      West and South Prairie Lee Watershed Pumping/Storage Schematic
          Figure 6-1      Ultimate Condition Without PRI
          Figure 7-1      Survival Function of Pipes
          Figure 7-2      Inflow Distribution in Monitored Basins
          Figure 7-3      High Inflow Areas in Existing System Plan
          Figure 8-1      2015 Condition of Conveyance/Collection System Bottlenecks
          Figure 8-2      2015 Condition Recommended Improvements
          Figure 8-3      Ultimate Condition of Conveyance/Collection System Bottlenecks 
          Figure 8-4      Ultimate Condition Recommended Improvements
          Figure 8-5      Ultimate Conveyance/Collection System
          Figure 8-6      Ultimate Condition Recommended Improvements Without PRI


List of Tables
         Table 1-1      Prioritized Capital Improvements
          Table 1-2      Project Description
          Table 3-1      Population and Housing Forecasts
          Table 4-1      Gravity Sewer Length By Watershed
          Table 4-2      Active Pump Stations Summary
          Table 4-3      Excess Flow Holding Basins
          Table 7-1      Pipe Length by Group
          Table 7-2      Estimated Annual Reinvestment Need
          Table 7-3      Sewer System Evaluation Survey – Projected Costs
          Table 7-4      Rehabilitation Plan – Projected Costs
          Table 7-5      SSES and Rehabilitation – Estimated Costs
          Table 7-6      CMOM Self Audit Evaluation
          Table 8-1      Capital Improvement Projects for Years 2006 to 2015
          Table 8-2      Capital Improvement Projects for Years 2016 to Ultimate
          Table 8-3      Capital Improvement Projects for Years 2016 to Ultimate Without PRI