Understanding Your Bill

Bill Composition

Bills include charges for water and sanitary sewer services as applicable. The water portion of a bill has three separate charges; base fee, volume charge and sales tax.

Reading Frequency and Estimation

Meters are read approximately every 30 days. Sometimes a meter cannot be read due to inclement weather or lack of access and may require us to estimate consumption. When estimating consumption, the system utilizes account history if applicable, to determine an estimate of consumption.

Billing Frequency

All accounts are billed monthly and the bill due date is based on the customer location.

Usage Concerns

A graph of consumption history is provided to assist with understanding usage. Occasionally, unusual bills represent a plumbing problem such as a leaking flapper in a toilet or other potential leaks with a system. Contact Water Utilities at 816.969.1900 with consumption concerns so we can assist with identifying these situations. Customers can also use an online contact form. Customer service representatives may have the account reread or a leak check performed to assist with these situations. Please visit Schedule a Service Check for more information. 

Payment Due

Water/sewer bills are payable on the billing date and due by the due date indicated on the bill. Bills are due within 21 days of the mailing date. 

Late Payments / Penalty Charges

Penalty charges of 5% are assessed on the total outstanding balance as of the due date.

Shut-Off Notice

Shut-off notices are sent for past-due balances prior to the customer's current bill due date. The shut-off notice will provide a date to make payment on the past due amount or request approval for a payment arrangement. Customers should make payments through the night depository or in person to avoid any delays in the posting of payments and potential interruption of service.

Reactivation Fee / Reinstate Service 

A reactivation fee must be paid along with any past due amounts to have service reinstated. This fee covers the additional expenses involved in reinstating the service.