Project Summaries

Water Utilities Looking Ahead in 2018

Lee’s Summit Water Utilities is looking forward to 2018 with more system renewals and improvements on the way.

SCADA Communications System Upgrade
A major 2018 project is the upgrade of our water system communications infrastructure. The “Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition” or SCADA system allows for real-time remote monitoring of our water and sewer facilities across the City. The 2018 improvements will upgrade SCADA from using expensive leased wires by installing a licensed, private radio system and will save the Utility and customers more than $500,000 per year.

Cedar Creek Basin Improvements
In 2018 Lee’s Summit Water Utilities will be continuing major sewer improvements to the Cedar Creek Basin. These improvements upgrade approximately more than 4,000 feet of sewer lines along the Cedar Creek Interceptor, which will increase wastewater capacity, reducing the risk of overflows and backups, and provide for future growth. Additionally, a 5,000-foot segment of a sewer interceptor that goes from the downtown core to the Cedar Creek basin is in the design phase. These sanitary sewer improvements will allow for growth and greater service in the areas these lines serve, including downtown Lee’s Summit, John Knox Village, Winterset, and Sterling Hills, among other areas.

Sewer Main Replacement and Rehabilitation
Several segments of small neighborhood sewer mains have been identified to be replaced over the next two years as they are currently undersized for the areas they serve. These lines will be upgraded in various locations throughout the City in order to increase capacity, reduce inflow and infiltration and the potential for blockages.

Additionally, other sewer lines have been targeting for rehabilitation through a non-disruptive process that allows our contractors to reline aging sewer mains without excavation. This process is called Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP). Through this process, Water Utilities has rehabilitated more than 30 miles of sewer lines throughout the City over the last several years to ensure residents have safe and reliable sanitary sewer services. Another 7.5 miles is scheduled for rehabilitation in 2018.

Visit the Sewer Repair Process FAQs page for more information about the sewer repair process. 

Neighborhood Water Main Replacement
The ongoing effort to invest in our water distribution system continues with the Neighborhood Water Main Replacement Program. Through this program, Water Utilities has replaced more than 14 miles of water mains in various areas around the City since 2008. This has reduced costs for maintenance and repair of the aging water infrastructure and diminished the occurrence of unplanned interruptions in water services for our customers due to main breaks in the affected areas. Another 16 miles is scheduled to be replaced through 2020.

Water Meter Replacement
Lee’s Summit Water Utilities has been systematically replacing aged-out meters with radio-read meters to increase accuracy and reads regardless of weather conditions. The Utility tests larger meters (those 2” and larger) for accuracy on a schedule in accordance with AWWA standards and replaces meters that do not pass.  

Water Tower Recoatings
A project that is sure to gain some notice is the recoating and painting of the water towers at Ranson, Hook, Scherer, and Woods Chapel roads.  These towers will have their interiors and exteriors recoated. Citizens can expect to see a new design on the towers that fits with the City’s brand and creates a welcoming gateway for the City. 

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