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City’s Crews Scheduled to Treat Streets Late Sat., Feb. 9, and Overnight into Sun., Feb. 10

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City crews are scheduled to treat streets with salt, and plow as necessary, late Sat., Feb. 9, and overnight into Sun., Feb. 10, as another round of freezing rain/drizzle and snow is forecast for the area. With warmer temperatures in the forecast, this salt treatment will also help to break up remaining ice/sleet on streets. The City will be operating at a Level 2 response, which means it can take crews up to 24 hours after accumulation ends to treat all...

City Crews Complete Three Rounds of Street Treatment, Thurs. Feb. 7

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Public Works plowed and treated primary and secondary roads Thursday after the overnight freezing rain/sleet/snow event. Based on the long-range forecast, daytime temperatures, heavy vehicle traffic and the presence of sunlight, conditions were favorable for plowing and treating primary and secondary roads one last time before discontinuing snow operations.  All streets were treated a minimum of three times. With limited traffic on residential streets, and...

City’s Crews Continue to Treat Streets Today, Wed., Feb. 6

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City crews are continuing to treat streets with salt today, Wed., Feb. 6, and will continue overnight into Thurs., Feb. 7. Primary and secondary streets have been treated at least three times, and crews are currently treating residential streets for the third time. Streets are still expected to be slick due to periods of freezing drizzle or rain, especially during the evening hours, and drivers should continue to use caution particularly on elevated surfaces such as...

City’s Crews Scheduled to Treat Streets Through Thurs., Feb. 7

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City crews began treating streets with salt today, Tues., Feb. 5, and are scheduled to continue treating streets through Thurs., Feb. 7. Several waves of freezing rain or drizzle are expected throughout this timeframe. Periods of rain will make it difficult to keep salt on streets, and slick streets are expected overnight and during the early morning rush hour on Wed., Feb. 6. Please use caution while traveling particularly on elevated surfaces such as bridges and...

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