Pavement Management Program

Image of a resurfaced City street.The City's Pavement Management Program is intended to maintain or restore paved road surfaces, add structural capacity and improve riding comfort and skid resistance. The City's scheduled Pavement Management Programs include:

  • Crack Sealing - applying asphalt rubber into a road crack to seal it and prevent water from entering below the road surface.
  • Curb Replacement - replacing offset, damaged or deteriorated curb prior to an overlay. For more information visit FAQ's.
  • Surface Sealing - applying a thin, mixed layer of aggregate, oil and asphalt binders over existing street pavement.
  • Overlay - milling (removing) the top 1.5 - 2 inches of street surface and replacing the surface with fresh asphalt to seal and revitalize the street.

Streets included in the City's annual resurfacing projects are carefully evaluated and inspected under the guidelines of the Pavement Management Program. Other repairs are made based on reports of problems from residents. Funding for the Pavement Management Program is made available through the 1/2-cent transportation sales tax.

Annual Pavement Management Program Maps

Pavement Management Program Additional Info

For questions regarding the City’s pavement management program or the priorities for pavement repairs, surface sealing and overlays, contact Public Works at 816.969.1800 or