Infrastructure Maintenance

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance of publically-owned infrastructure in the City*. If you would like to request maintenance, contact the Public Works Department at 816.969.1800 or

*I-470, US-50, M-291 and M-150 along with the respective interchanges and frontage roads are generally owned and maintained by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), 888-Ask-MoDOT (888-275-6636). Any maintenance requests for the state highway system should be directed to MoDOT. As noted below, many streetlights within the City are owned and maintained by Evergy. 

Street Potholes
Potholes occur throughout City streets as a result of adverse weather, heavy traffic, etc. Potholes will be repaired within one working day of notification, weather permitting.

Right-of-Way (ROW) Mowing/Weeding
More than 450 acres of ROW are mowed by the City each year, including medians, landscaped ROW, along streets that are adjacent to agriculturally-zoned rural undeveloped  property, and City-owned property. Weeding is generally performed where the City mows. The City only performs maintenance on "City trees," trees planted and owned by the City in the right-of-way and City owned property.  NOTE: it is the responsibility of individual property owners to mow, weed and maintain vegetation in the ROW along their property.

The Public Works Department generally performs maintaince and repairs of sidewalks along public street ROW and City owned property; however, sidewalks along private roads or alleys, and upon private property are the responsibility of the private property owner to maintain.  NOTE: snow removal from sidewalks through private property is the responsibility of the private property owner. Vegetation/Tree Ordinance

Curb may be repaired with either an asphalt patch, which is the most efficient and least costly method for repairs of small, isolated issues, or the entire curb may be replaced if offsets are causing drainage issues, or if d-cracking is so severe that extensive patching would have a very short lifespan. Contact Public Works if you would like to have a small area of curb evaluated.

Street Sweeping
Using a street sweeper, the Public Works Department sweeps every curbed street within the City (more than 740 miles of streets and 900 cul-de-sacs) each year, at the following frequency:

  • Primary routes:  4 times/year
  • Secondary routes:  2 times/year
  • Residential routes:  2 times/year
  • Downtown district:  as needed

The City owns and maintains approximately 2,700 streetlights, generally along primary roads as depicted and listed below:

3rd Street Colbern Road Gregory Blvd. Persels Road Shenandoah Drive
Blackwell Road/Parkway Douglas Street Jefferson Street Pryor Road Todd George Road
Blue Parkway Downtown District Langsford Road Ralph Powell Road Tudor Road
Chipman Road   Lakewood Boulevard Scruggs Road Ward Road
    Longview Road   Woods Chapel Road

Streetlights along I-470, US-50, and M-291 are owned and maintained by the Missouri Department of Transportation, Kansas City District, 888-Ask-MoDOT (888-275-6636).  All other streetlights in the City, including most of the streetlights in residential areas, are owned and maintained by Evergy888.471.5275.  When requesting maintenance, please identify nearest address or street intersection and, if possible, the identification number on the light pole, to expedite the response.

Traffic Control
The Public Works Department maintains and repairs over 60 traffic signals, pavement marking signs, and other traffic control devices located in the City's ROW. Traffic signals, markings, signs, and other traffic control devices located along I-470, US-50, M-291 and M-150 along with the respective interchanges and frontage roads are owned and maintained by MODOT, Kansas City District, 888-Ask-MoDOT (888-275-6636).  NOTE: There are private streets and alleys as well as ROW subject to maintenance agreements by other entities (for example Kansas City, MO for portions of View High Drive).