Zoning Verification

Phone Verification - Zoning of a property can be verified over the phone at no charge. Call Development Services at 816.969.1200 with the property address, legal description or parcel number.

Written Verification - A zoning confirmation letter can be provided for a fee of $100.00 by submitting a written request to Development Services. A zoning confirmation letter includes:

  • zoning designation of the specific property, based on the address, legal description or parcel number
  • uses permitted in the district
  • confirmation that the property is in compliance with all applicable ordinance requirements, to the best of the City's knowledge
  • confirmation that the development is in conformance with development standards, such as density, height, setbacks, parking, landscaping, etc., if that information is available

Information in the letter will be based upon facts within the actual knowledge of City staff, which may include a record of any violations on file with the City. City staff does not conduct an independent investigation of the current status or conditions of the property.