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Current Development Activities

The Current Development Activities Map is an easy tool that can be used to get information about applications and permits issued by the City. By clicking on a dot on the map, information about the project is displayed with an option to drill down for more detail.

Current Development Activities Map

Interactive Zoning Map Image


Applications are preliminary review processes meant to determine if the project can meet applicable regulations. Some applications go through a public hearing process while others are administrative.

Application Status Definitions

  • Applied - The City has received an application.
  • In Plan Review - The City is reviewing a proposal against applicable codes and ordinances.
  • Planning Commission - The application has been scheduled for a public hearing before the Planning Commission.
  • City Council - The application has been scheduled for a public hearing with the City Council.
  • Approved - The project has received approval and can move onto final engineering/construction drawing review.


Permits are projects being reviewed or inspected for construction.

Permit Status Definitions

  • Applied - The City has received a permit.
  • In Plan Review - The permit is being reviewed against relevant codes and ordinances.
  • Issued/Under Construction - The permit has moved into a state of active construction and inspection.
  • Temporary Certificate of Occupancy - Basic life/safety provisions have been met and the building can be occupied.
  • Final Certificate of Occupancy - The building can be occupied and there are no outstanding inspection items.