Community Development Block Grant Program

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) is the principal federal program providing grants to states, cities and towns to devise neighborhood approaches that will improve the physical, economic and social conditions in communities. CDBG is administered nationally by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The City of Lee's Summit receives federal funds annually from this program to meet at least one of three National Objectives:

  1. Benefit low- to moderate-income individuals.
  2. Reduce slum and/or blight.
  3. Response to disaster relief.

Development Services is the administrative entity that applies, receives and provides oversight of CDBG funding for the City. While the City is the recipient of CDBG funds, it disburses much of its annual allocation to nonprofit organizations, called subrecipients, to undertake community development activities. 

Eligibility & Qualifications

Eligible activities that CDBG funds may be used for include but are not limited to

  • acquisition of real property
  • relocation and demolition
  • rehabilitation of residential and non-residential structures
  • construction of public facilities and improvements, such as water and sewer facilities, streets, neighborhood centers, and the conversion of school buildings for eligible purposes
  • public services, within certain limits
  • activities relating to energy conservation and renewable energy resources
  • provision of assistance to profit-motivated businesses to carry out economic development and job creation/retention activities

The following types of activities are ineligible

  • acquisition, construction or reconstruction of buildings for the general conduct of government
  • political activities
  • certain income payments
  • construction of new housing by units of general local government

HUD allows cities to allocate up to 20% of funding to administrative functions and 15% to public service programs. The Other category is not subject to a funding cap.

CDBG Resources

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HUD Requirements for Grantees
CFR 200 form
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Environmental Review Requirements and Procedures

Federal and HUD Regulations
Title 24 in its Entirety

Subrecipient Resources
Subrecipient Timeliness
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Contracting for CDBG-assisted Projects
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FY 2024 Income Limit Area Median Family Income FY 2024 Income Limit Category Persons In Family
Kansas City, MO-KS HUD Metro FMR Area $103,100
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Very Low (50%) Income Limits ($) 35,100 41,250 46,400 51,550 55,700 59,800 63,950 68,050
Extremely Low-Income Limits ($) 21,700 24,800 27,900 31,200 36,580 41,960 47,340 52,720
Low (80%) Income Limits ($) 57,750 66,000 74,250 82,500 89,100 95,700 102,300 108,900