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Development Staff Directory


Department Administration

Mark Dunning l Assistant City Manager of Development Services & Communications l 816.969.1026

Ryan Elam l Director of Development Services l 816.969.1202

Dan Harper l Assistant Director of Field Services l 816.969.1207

Josh Johnson l Assistant Director of Plan Services l 816.969.1208

Amy Koeneman l Administration Manager l 816.969.1247

Sarah Tilbury l CDBG Administrator l 816.969.1243

Sara Beck l Office Coordinator l 816.969.1209

Jeanne Nixon l Office Coordinator l 816.969.1246

Angela Wertenberger l Business Services Rep l 816.969.1226

Project Management

Dawn Bell l Project Manager l 816.969.1242

Mike Weisenborn l Project Manager l 816.969.1240

Scott Ready l Project Manager l 816.969.1225

Field Services

Building Inspections

          Mark Harding l Building Inspections Manager l 816.969.1216

          Mike Harkins l Building Inspector l 816.969.1204

Khahn Nyugen l Building Inspector l 816.969.1215

Robb Popp l Building Inspector l 816.969.1212

          Patrick Schonfeldt l Building Inspector l 816.969.1227

Development Engineering Inspections

          Steve Robbins l Engineering Inspections Manager l 816.969.1228

John Jackson l Field Engineering Inspector l 816.969.1211

Ronald Paynter l Field Engineering Inspector l 816.969.1224

Joe Starlin l Field Engineering Inspector l 816.969.1213

Tom Taylor l Field Engineering Inspector l 816.969.1217

Neighborhood Services

Jessica Asher l Neighborhood Services Officer l 816.969.1218

          Cody Jackson l Neighborhood Services Officer l 816.969.1214

          John A. Jackson l Neighborhood Services Officer l 816.969.1249

          Troy Thompson l Neighborhood Services Officer l 816.969.1233

Plan Services

Codes Administration

Tracy Deister l Codes Administration Manager l 816.969.1203

Kim Brennan l Development Technician l 816.969.1231

          Brandon Kalwei l Development Technician l 816.969.1210

          Andrea Sessler l Development Technician l 816.969.1230

          Joe Frogge l Plans Examiner l 816.969.1241

Current Planning

Hector Soto l Current Planning Manager l 816.969.1238

          Jennifer Thompson l Senior Planner l 816.969.1239

Shannon McGuire l Planner l 816.969.1237

          Victoria Nelson l Planner l 816.969.1605

Development Engineering

Kent Monter l Development Engineering Manager l 816.969.1229

Sue Pyles l Senior Staff Engineer l 816.969.1245

Gene Williams l Senior Staff Engineer l 816.969.1223

          Loic Nguinguiri l Staff Engineer l 816.969.1205