Fee Calculations

It is the intent of the City of Lee’s Summit to provide a one stop system for issuance of permits and the collection of associated fees. For this reason, building permits are a combination of several different types of fees from several different departments. Building permits can include one or more of the following fees:

  • Building permit fee – Building permit fees are based on the project cost and type of work being performed with the exception that re-roof and demolition permits have a flat fee of $50.00. The minimum permit fee is $50.00 and the building permit fee includes all standard inspections and the plan reviews. Permit fees are calculated per the Development Services section of the Schedule of Fees.
  • Water Tap and Meter Setup Fee – Water tap and meter setup fees are regulated by the City of Lee’s Summit Water Department and collected by Development Services. These fees are applicable to all domestic and irrigations services and tap fees are not applicable to unmetered connections such as fire lines. Water meter and tap fees are located under Water Utilities section of the Schedule of Fees
  • Right-of-Way Fee – A right of way fee will be collected on all building permits issued which include a services connecting to a City main located in the right-of-way. All other work located in the right-of-way and associated with a project shall be permitted through the Public Works Department. Right-of-way fees are located under the Public Works section of the Schedule of Fees.
  • Sanitary Sewer Development Fee – Sanitary sewer development fees are regulated by the City of Lee’s Summit Water Department and collected by Development Services. The sanitary sewer development fee is based off of the size of the domestic water meter being installed is applicable when a new water meter is purchased for doemestic purposes. Sewer connection fees are located under the Water Utilities section of the Schedule of Fees.
  • Miscellaneous Fees and Escrows - Miscellaneous Fees and Escrows are items generally attached to specific developments and are not located on the schedule of fees. To be sure that any applicable miscellaneous fees and escrows are covered you must contact the Development Services Department.

For an accurate estimate of the applicable permit fees for a project, please utilize the "Fee Estimation Tool" or contact Development Services.