Mural Permit

A mural is a hand-produced or machined graphic applied or affixed to the exterior of a building wall through the application of paint, canvas, tile, metal panels, applied sheet graphic or other medium generally so that the wall becomes the background surface or platform for the graphic, generally for the purpose of decoration or artistic expression, including but not limited to, painting, fresco or mosaic.

Prior to the installation of any mural, written permission must first be obtained from the owner of the building upon which the mural is to be placed and a mural permit must be applied for and approved by the Development Services Department.

Each permit application shall contain, but not be limited to, the following information:

  • Mural Permit Application
  • Site plan showing the lot and building dimensions and indicating the proposed location of the mural.
  • Pictures of the building elevations.
  • A scale drawing and color photo of the building elevation showing the proposed size and placement of the mural.
  • A colored drawing of the proposed mural.
  • A description of the proposed maintenance schedule that includes the time frame for the life of the mural and method for removal, if applicable.
  • Written confirmation by the mural provider/installer that no damage or negative impact will occur to the wall surface that the mural is to be applied or affixed to.
  • Written permission from the owner of the building to which the mural is intended to be applied, if applicant is not the building owner.
  • An acknowledgement that the mural must be removed or covered if so ordered by the Director for failure to maintain or for reaching a state of dilapidation.

All mural permit applications will be reviewed and approved by City Planning staff. Applications for a mural permit in the downtown area shall be distributed to Downtown Main Street for comment.

For the full text of the mural ordinance see: Code of Ordinances - Chapter 21, Article 5 - Murals.  The ordinance describes the requirements for mural standards and the mural permit process.

For more information please contact Development Services at 816.969.1200.