Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Services is responsible for maintaining and enforcing the property maintenance code, and the Quality Housing Program.

Property Maintenance

City Council has adopted a set of ordinances establishing minimum standards for property maintenance to ensure quality housing choices, build strong neighborhoods and create a safe environment for both residents and visitors. Every property owner has a responsibility to meet these standards to preserve the quality of life that exists in the City.  

Maintenance and use of private property within the City is generally guided by three City ordinances:

To Report a Code Violation

Foreclosed and Abandoned Property

The Abandoned Residential Property Registration & Maintenance Ordinance was adopted in July, 2008 as part of the Lee's Summit Code of Ordinances - Chapter 16, Article 8. The purpose of the ordinance is to protect residential neighborhoods from becoming blighted through the lack of adequate maintenance and security of abandoned residential properties which are in foreclosure.

Any residential properties in existence which are in the foreclosure process and are abandoned shall be registered, using the Abandoned Residential Property Registration online form or the downloadable pdf form, with the City of Lee's Summit in accordance with the adopted regulations. Once the registration is received, an exterior inspection of the property will be performed to determine if the property exists in accordance with the property maintenance code.

Registrations can be filled out online, mailed, faxed to 969.1201 or emailed. Only fully completed registrations will be received and processed. Failure to provide all required registration information will be treated as a failure to properly register the property.

Quality Housing

The Quality Housing Program is designed to improve the safety and maintenance of all housing in Lee’s Summit. The program takes a preventative approach to property code compliance through free onsite inspections, outreach and education, and the establishment of a certification program.

Outreach and Education

The City will partner with various homeowner associations, community organizations and business groups to help them improve housing in their areas. City employees are available to attend community meetings hosted by these groups to speak directly to residents and property owners about concerns, help educate them about their responsibilities and provide guidance on maintenance issues. Schedule a speaker by calling 816.969.1200.

Quality Housing Certification

Property owners or renters within the City can schedule a free inspection to certify a living unit meets identified standards. An inspection consists of a short visit by a Neighborhood Services representative to check the interior and exterior of the property for potential hazards. The representative will also provide suggestions to help the property avoid future maintenance problems. For housing that meets the minimum standards for safety and maintenance, a certificate is provided to the property owner and the property is included in a list of active certified housing to assist those relocating to or within Lee's Summit. The certification is good for two years and a reinspection is required to renew the certification. 

To schedule a free inspection call 816.969.1200 or email.