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Development >> Community Development Block Grant >> Qualification & Eligibility

Eligibility & Qualification


Eligible activities for CDBG funding

To be eligible for CDBG funds, an activity must meet one of the three National Objectives, which are:

  1. benefit low-to-moderate income persons
  2. eliminate or prevent blight or slums (blight and slums must be declared by the local governing body)
  3. address an urgent community need (disaster relief)

 For detailed information on eligible and ineligible activities, please click here.

Subrecipient eligibility

 An eligible subrecipient is any of the following:

    1. a public agency
    2. a nonprofit agency
    3. a Community-based Development Organization (certified CBDO) (For detailed information, please click here)

Please note that a developer/contractor/owner is not an eligible subrecipient.

Eligible beneficiaries for the subrecipient programs

Please contact the subrecipient agencies directly for eligibility information

Eligible applicant for the First Time Homebuyer Program funds

To be eligible for these funds, an individual, a family

    1. must meet the definition of a first time homebuyer
    2. must purchase a residential unit that is located within the corporate city limits
    3. must meet the Current Income Limits
    4. will occupy the purchased home as the applicant’s principal residence for a period of at least three (3) years

Eligibility for the Minor Home Repair Program funds

    1. it must be a owner-occupied single family residential unit
    2. it must be located in the corporate city limits of Lee’s Summit
    3. the owner of the home must meet the Current Income Limits for low-to-moderate income households
    4. eligible repairs include
      • Repair to Exterior Windows and Doors
      • Roof Repair
      • Exterior Paint
      • Repair to Porches and Steps
      • Repair to Exterior Foundation Walls
      • Exterior Walls and Trim
      • Private Sanitary Sewer