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April Municipal General Election to Fund Emergency Preparedness and Improvements to City’s Infrastructure

On April 4, Lee’s Summit voters will be presented with three no tax increase general obligation bond questions totaling $186 million to fund emergency preparedness, transportation and city facilities reinvestment. A fourth ballot question asks voters to consider a 3% sales tax on all retail sales of adult use, non-medical marijuana. 

Question 1 would provide $74 million in funding for key public safety improvements that will provide public access and enhance safety and emergency services for the community. The 22 proposed projects include a Joint Operations Facility to house Fire Administration, the Emergency Operations Center, network infrastructure, co-located fire and police emergency communications and traffic monitoring/management support. The facility would enhance the City’s capabilities during emergency operations as well as day-to-day emergency response coordination. Funds would also address land acquisition for a new fire station adjacent to the Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport and facility renovations to existing fire stations, Animal Control and the Police/Court Facility. Fire Station No. 1, built in 1975, is the oldest City operations building and requires major system replacements based on a recent facility condition assessment. A south police substation would be part of the funding as well, providing basic police services, convenient reporting and more interaction with citizens and businesses in the south area of the City.

Question 2, would focus $98 million in funding on investments in critical public infrastructure that directly affect safety, mobility and livability. Proposed in the 13 projects are seven major roadway improvement projects that include enhancements such as turn lanes, curbs, lighting, shared-use paths and medians. Funding would be used to address sidewalk gaps, improving safety and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. Airport facility renovations and the construction of a box hangar at the Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport are also supported by these general obligation bonds.

Question 3 would provide $14 million in City facilities reinvestment to extend facility use, enhance service efficiencies, and protect the investment of our public and community spaces. Major building and technology improvements to the Public Works Operations/Maintenance Facility and City Hall include HVAC, roofing, fire protection and security.

Question 4 would impose a 3% retail sales tax on all retail sales of adult use, non-medical marijuana. Missouri voters approved Amendment 3 in November 2022, which legalized recreational marijuana for those 21 and older. Amendment 3 allows for the City to implement a retail sales tax of up to 3% on recreational marijuana. Revenue from the sales tax would be directed to the City's General Fund and go into effect on Oct. 1.  

For more information on the ballot questions and the proposed bond projects, visit

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