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Outdoor classroom

Outdoor EcoClassroom

The City's Outdoor EcoClassroom is located in the island at the former North Recycling Center, 1951 NE Douglas Street.  A recycled green roof, three rain barrels, a compost bin, flower beds, a seasonal vegetable garden, a recycled materials bench, and stacking, tilted herb pots are currently demonstrated on-site, along with artwork made from recycled rebar, street signs, and glass bottles.  In addition, several informational signs are posted at the EcoClassroom that describe the benefits of and purposes for all of the environmental features demonstrated on-site.  

The flower beds have been and are intended to be planted by civic groups such as Scouts and youth organizations.

Educational Opportunities

The purpose of the EcoClassroom is to educate the public of all ages about the benefits of activities such as water conservation, water harvesting, native planting, recycling, reusing, reducing consumption, gardening, composting, and energy reduction/conservation.  Tours and informal, customized classes are available.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers of all ages are welcome to help install plants and maintain gardens and flower beds in the EcoClassroom.  Student and Boy/Girl Scout community service hours are available.  Court-ordered community service is not available at this facility.


The EcoClassroom is currently open by appointment only.

If your class or group is interested in taking a tour or volunteering to help, contact the City's Environmental Specialist or call the Public Works Department at 969-1800. 

Check back periodically to watch the EcoClassroom take shape!


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