Development/Fire Protection Permit

Insurance Rating and Fire Hydrant Information 

ISO (Insurance Services Office) collects information on municipal fire-protection efforts in communities throughout the United States. In each of those communities, ISO analyzes the relevant data using their Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS). They then assign a Public Protection Classification (PPC) from 1 to 10 to the community. Class 1 generally represents superior property fire protection, and Class 10 indicates that the area has no fire protection. The City of Lee’s Summit is proud to have an ISO rating of 2/2X. This rating also applies to the corporate city limits of Unity Village and the City of Greenwood.

The rating system provides an objective, standard that helps fire departments in planning and budgeting for facilities, equipment, and training. The PPC program provides the opportunity for reductions in insurance rates for communities that are able to address the deficiencies noted during the rating process. Find the nearest fire station and fire hydrant for your property.

The Prevention Division’s Role in Property Development

The Lee’s Summit Fire Department works in cooperation with the City’s Development Services Division to ensure property development and new construction is in accordance with the fire code and other standards. The fire department’s interest in development begins at the time a development application is submitted and continues through the Building Plan Review process and construction and maintenance for the life of the building. 

Required Permits/Approvals for

Permit services for new construction, remodel, and tenant improvement are coordinated through Development Services. The Prevention Division works in concert with building code reviewers, inspectors, planning staff, and public works to ensure project compliance with codes and standards. Prevention conducts fire plan reviews and inspections on all commercial projects, multifamily residential, residential photovoltaic (solar) power, fire protection systems (sprinklers and alarms) and hazardous tanks/processes, including the installation and removal of underground storage tanks. 

Building plans needing to be reviewed for a building permit are to be submitted to Development Services for distribution. Plans for fire protection systems such as, automatic sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems and commercial cooking suppression systems shall be delivered directly to the Lee’s Summit Fire Department at 207 SE Douglas Street, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063.

A minimum of three sets of fire suppression system plans shall submitted for review. All new system plans shall be stamped by a professional engineer (PE) and include hydraulic calculations and equipment specifications. Small system alterations may be stamped by a NICET Level IV, when approved by the Assistant Chief of Prevention. Allow a minimum of ten business days for reviews.