Emergency Preparedness & Management

The City of Lee's Summit encourages residents to sign up for LS Aware, the City's free mass notification system designed to keep residents and businesses informed of emergencies and certain non-emergency events. This system allows the City to quickly send messages via phone, text or email depending on the preference set up by the user.  

LS Aware

The Fire Department coordinates emergency management for the City and the fire chief serves as the emergency management director. Whereas the majority of disasters are local events, the Fire Department is responsible for the coordination of City services during a declared emergency in accordance with the City’s adopted Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP). The Fire Department collaborates locally and with other regional, state and federal agencies to plan, prepare, mitigate, respond and recover from natural and man-made hazards that threaten the City of Lee’s Summit.

The City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is located at Fire Headquarters. During declared emergencies or significant events, the EOC is used as a coordination point for City departments to plan and mitigate situations that may impact City services and the safety of citizens.  

Emergency Preparedness Resources

Prepare Metro KC

A Guide to Citizen Preparedness