Explore Lee's Summit's Public Art Collection

The City of Lee's Summit maintains a growing collection of permanent and temporary works of public art. View the online gallery to learn where public art can be found throughout the City.

Public Art Gallery

Public Art

The Lee’s Summit public art collection is specifically artwork owned or maintained by the City, located in a public space and engages with the community. Public art can be found in every corner of the City with concentrations in the downtown district and various parks.

The Cultural Arts Division, guided by recommendations of the Cultural Commission, manages the commission and acquisition of new public art as well as the conservation and maintenance of the existing City of Lee’s Summit art collection. Works of public art, many created by local and regional artists, enliven parks, libraries, fire stations, recreation centers and many more public locations in Lee’s Summit. The Public Art Collection makes Lee’s Summit a vibrant place to live and work and a great place to visit.

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Guidelines for Visiting Public Art Locations

The City of Lee’s Summit has a growing Public Art Collection of individual works of art and features pieces by regional artists. All have made a significant contribution to the vibrant culture of Lee's Summit. Here are a few guidelines that can be used to respectfully appreciate the talent and intention of the artist.

Please do not:

  • Touch the artwork. The artwork isn’t made to be touched. The surface could be hot or cold depending on the weather. Our hands contain oils that can react to the surface of a sculpture or painting which over time can corrode the surface of objects and lessen the life expectancy of the art. There are rare instances where the artwork is considered interactive or invites manual manipulation by the viewer. If an artwork is meant to be touched it will have a sign indicating it is okay to touch.
  • Climb on pedestals or platforms. These are in place to protect the artwork.

Please do:

  • Look closely.
  • Walk around and see the artwork from different angles. 
  • Act respectfully to places that are culturally important to the neighborhood or community.
  • Learn about the artist and why the artwork is important to the community. More information about the City of Lee’s Summit Public Art Collection can be found on LSCulturalArts.net or by downloading the City’s public art mobile audio guide app directly to a smartphone (powered by Otocast).
  • Ask questions such as: What is the subject or idea? What stories are being told? Who made this? What is it made of and why? How does it fit in the environment? How long has it been here?
  • Spread the word about the Lee’s Summit Public Art Collection.