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Public Art

The City of Lee’s Summit believes that public art enhances the quality of life by elevating the aesthetics of our community. The City is home to numerous temporary and public works of art.


Public Art in Lee's Summit

Permanent Scupltures

Image of the sculpture "Emergence"."Emergence" 

Artist: Dave Eames of Fossil Forge

Location: City Hall, 220 SE Green St.

Dedicated October 18, 2015 in celebration of Lee's Summit's 150th Anniversary.

This piece of public art was commissioned by the Truly 150 Lee's Summit Committee and dedicated to the City of Lee's Summit to commemorate the City's sesquicentennial. This piece contains a time capsule that will be opened in 2065.






Image of the bronze sculpture "Kids at Heart"."Kids at Heart" Bronze Sculpture

Artist: Kwan Wu

Location: Downtown Lee's Summit near 3rd and Douglas St.

Year: 2009

"Hartley Heart" Neon Light

Artist: Unknown. Refurbished by Dave Eames of Fossil Forge

Location: Downtown Lee's Summit

Year: Refurbished 2018




Crescendo public art installation at Summit Fair Shopping Center."Crescendo" Metal and Glass Scupture

Artist: Jorge Garcia Almodovar

Location: Summit Fair Shopping Center

Year: 2014







The City of Lee's Summit Mural Ordinance was adopted in 2016 and outlines the process by which murals are approved and maintained. A mural permit is required prior to the approval of any mural installation in Lee's Summit.  

Image of an untitled mural by JT Daniels.Red

Artist: JT Daniels

Location: 9 SE 3rd Street in the SE Alleyway. 

Year: 2017





Welcome to Lee's Summit 

Artist: Ted W. Stilwell and Community Volunteers

Location: 230 SW Main Street

Year: 2005