Security Screening

Every person entering the courtroom will go through security and weapons screening.  All purses, briefcases, shopping bags and any carry-in items will be scanned utilizing an x-ray machine.  Individuals will be screened utilizing a walk-through and/or hand-held metal detector.  

The following items are not allowed in the courtroom:

  • Firearms (not allowed in the Police/Court facility)
  • Knives, contraband, and all weapons of opportunity
  • CD players, iPods, radios, audio or video recorders, cameras
  • Food or drink
  • Other items that could pose a risk or threat to safety of others, or be disruptive

Items such as drugs, weapons and other contraband will not be discussed in an inappropriate manner in front of the public. 

Cells phones shall be TURNED OFF prior to entering the courtroom.

Important Note:  To ensure a smooth entry into the courtroom, it is best not to bring any of the items listed above.  Persons possessing items not permitted in the courtroom will be refused admittance until they have secured the items outside the Police/Court facility.