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Right to Appeal


If you plead not guilty and your trial in the Municipal Court resulted in a conviction, you have the right to appeal your case to the Circuit Court of Jackson County. 

Please note the following information will explain the items required should you seek to appeal your case:

  1. You have ten (10) calendar days from the date of the Court’s decision.
  2. You must complete the Application for Trial de Novo form, satisfy payment of the filing fee and court cost deposit and the Appeal Bond.
  3. The filing fee and court cost deposit of $65.50 per violation is required.

                            ($30 filing fee and $35.50 court costs)

  1. The Appeal Bond is set by the Judge and must be posted by you, in cash or by a bonding agent, if surety is authorized by the Judge.
  2. The Lee’s Summit Municipal Court does not have the authority to alter the requirements or extend the time limitations described above; however we are required to accept your Application for Trial De Novo and forward it to the Jackson County Circuit Court.
  3. If the Application for Trial de Novo, filing fee, court cost deposit and appeal bond are not posted within ten days of the original judgment; then the original judgment will remain in effect and the Court will proceed with execution of the judgment.
  4. If you do file the Application for Trial de Novo, the funds and your pleadings will be forwarded to the  Jackson County Circuit Court.     You will receive a Notice of Hearing from the Lee’s Summit Municipal Court notifying you of your court date, time and location in the Jackson County Circuit Court.   Following receipt of the Notice of Hearing; any questions or requests should be directed to the Jackson County Circuit Court, 308 W. Kansas, Independence, Missouri.   Telephone - 816.881.4500.