Police In-Car Video and Body-Worn Cameras

up close perspective of a police officer wearing a body-worn camera

In-Car Audio and Video Systems, Body-Worn Cameras - $1 million

In-car audio and video systems and body-worn cameras are being used by law enforcement agencies across the United States. The camera systems provide transparency and accountability, safety for law enforcement and improve interactions between law enforcement and the public. Both are great tools for capturing and documenting evidence of crime and encounters with law enforcement.

The current in-car audio and video systems are outdated and unreliable. Due to the age of the data server and hardware, they are no longer supported by the current system provider. If the either of these were to fail, the ability to recover stored audio and video would be impossible. The courts have set expectations for securing and providing this electronic evidence. Failing to provide this evidence or losing this evidence due to antiquated systems leads to mistrust.

Body-worn cameras and in-car audio and video systems can be highly effective resources. They provide an independent record of arrests, accident scenes, and interactions with victims and witnesses. Courts and prosecutors are relying on these unalterable video and audio records more than ever. In many instances, this evidence is found to be more valuable than eyewitness testimony. 

If approved, 42 audio and recording systems would be replaced in patrol cars. In addition a data storage solution and body-worn cameras would be purchased, equipping all patrol officers. It is anticipated this project would begin within one year.

Paid for by the City of Lee's Summit, Missouri, William A. Baird, Mayor