Meeting Structure

Public Comments

Public comments provide citizens an opportunity to bring issues and concerns to the attention of the mayor, council and city staff. The council allocates a total of ten minutes for public comments. Those wishing to speak must make themselves known by filling out a public comments card prior to the start of the meeting. This ensures time is allocated fairly within the ten minute timeframe to all who wish to speak.

Public Hearings

Public hearings are forums for citizens to voice their opinions and are conducted on:

  • applications for rezonings
  • special use permits
  • preliminary development plans
  • vacation of right-of-ways
  • text changes to the Unified Development Ordinance
  • other applications requiring public hearings as determined by legal requirements

Prior to each meeting, public hearing items and minutes from appropriate committees, boards and commissions are provided to the City Council in their council packet.

Public Hearing Procedure

Applicants are allowed fifteen minutes to present their proposal and five minutes for response following public testimony.

Those testifying in favor or opposition of an application will be given a total of twenty minutes with time allotted as follows:

  • each individual is allocated three minutes 
  • an identified spokesperson for a group is allocated ten minutes 
  • ​after a public hearing is closed, no further public testimony is permitted

Council discussions and questions will follow testimony from the applicant and the public. All questions should be addressed to the council, not the applicant.

NOTE: The mayor and councilmembers may request that testimony not be repeated. 

Other Agenda Items

Some agenda items have no scheduled time for public comments. Items such as ordinances have previously been discussed and considered by the council or committees. Any concerns should be directed to councilmembers prior to the meeting.

Unless determined otherwise by the mayor and council, no new agenda items are considered after 11p.m. In an effort to assist applicants who travel from outside the Kansas City metro area, every effort will be made to hear the application on the scheduled meeting date.