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Fireworks in Lee's Summit

Fireworks in Lee's Summit

Fireworks Use Permit | Fireworks Safety

Fireworks Usage during July 4th Celebration

Fireworks can only be discharged on July 2 and 3 between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. and on July 4 between 10:00 a.m. and midnight. Before planning to shoot fireworks within the city limits, you must first obtain a Fireworks Use Permit each year. Permits may be obtained free of charge from one of the licensed fireworks vendors within the City or at City Hall during regular business hours (220 SE Green or call 969-1000). Permits are valid for the address listed on the permit at which the discharge will take place. To obtain a list of licensed vendors, please call Planning & Development at 969.1600.

Fireworks Sales Permit

A Fireworks Sales Permit is required for the retail sale of fireworks and the application is only accepted in the spring of each year for a limited amount of time by the Planning and Development Department. Vendors are asked to contact Planning & Development at 969.1600.

Fireworks Use Provisions/Ordinance

The Lee's Summit City Council has established ordinances for the sale and use of consumer fireworks. The ordinance clearly defines the type, and times of use of certain types of consumer fireworks. For more details click here to view the City's Code of Ordinance.

The following table summarizes the ordinances:

Consumer Permits: A permit is required for each household discharging fireworks within the city limits each year during the week of July 4. Permits are free and can be obtained at any authorized vendor in Lee's Summit; the Finance Department at City Hall (220 SE Green Street, 969-1139), or downloaded from our website.
Fireworks Allowed:

Consumer Fireworks with a classification of 1.4G.

Fireworks Not Allowed:
  • Rockets on a stick (example: bottle rockets)
  • Missiles with fins or rudders for the purpose of achieving aerodynamic flight; and
  • Roman Candles, California Candles, Illuminating Torches, or similar items, with or without spikes, which contain wording on the caution label that is substantially similar to the following:: “WARNING SHOOTS FLAMING BALLS” or “WARNING SHOOTS FLAMING BALLS AND REPORTS”; and single or multi-shot parachutes, with night effects.
Allowable Times/Dates:
  • July 2: 10am-11pm
  • July 3: 10am-11pm
  • July 4: 10am-12am
Age Limits:

Must be 16 or older, unless supervised by a parent or guardian, to posses or discharge fireworks.

What are the restrictions on where you can shoot fireworks?
  • It is unlawful to explode or ignite consumer fireworks within six hundred feet (600’) of any church, hospital, mental health facility, or school or within one hundred feet (100’) of any location where fireworks are stored, sold or offered for sale.
  • No person shall ignite or discharge fireworks within three hundred feet (300’) of any permanent storage of ignitable liquid, gases, gasoline pump, and gasoline filling station.
  • No person shall ignite or discharge any fireworks within or throw the same from or into a motorized vehicle including watercraft or any other means of transportation or at or near any person, group of people, or animal.
  • Cannot be discharged within any structure; on property not owned by the fireworks shooter, or propelled onto property not owned by the fireworks shooter.
Can you purchase fireworks in Lee's Summit? You can purchase fireworks from any of the authorized vendors within the city limits of Lee's Summit. Fireworks sold outside of the city limits may not be discharged in the city limits unless they are allowable fireworks under the city ordinance.

Before shooting fireworks, be aware of conditions in the area where fireworks are being discharged. Avoid areas of dry vegetation or other combustible materials and have a water hose or bucket available in case of a small fire. Keep small children and pets out of the immediate area. Please properly dispose of waste material in a safe manner.

Fireworks Displays

Fireworks Display Permits are required for public or private aerial fireworks displays (1.3 G) by commercial or private pyrotechnic operators.

If you have any questions about the fireworks regulations, firework display information, or information on keeping safe, please contact the Lee's Summit Fire Department at 207 SE Douglas Street or call 816.969.1300.