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Cemetery Fees

Cremation Grave Space $500.00
Grave Opening, Weekday $800.00
Grave Opening, Weekend/Holiday $950.00
Double Deep Grave Opening - First Opening (first opening added to grave opening charge) $50.00
Infant Grave Opening, Weekday $300.00
Infant Grave Opening, Weekend/Holiday $450.00
Cremation Grave Opening, Weekday $350.00
Cremation Grave Opening, Weekend/Holiday $500.00
Columbarium Opening, Weekday $300.00
Columbarium Opening, Weekend/Holiday $450.00
Columbarium Niche 104 Serpentine $2,000.00
Columbarium Double Niche $4,000.00
Flagging Fee, Weekday $50.00
Flagging Fee, Weekend/Holiday $75.00
Monument Foundations, Footings Adult (minimum $115.20) $0.40 / square inch
Monument Foundations, Footings Infant (smaller than 2') $50.00
Purchase of Unused Grave (by City) $76.00